The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a global collaboration of composers, artists and musicians that approaches the virtual reality platform Second Life as an instrument itself. The Orchestra conceives, designs and builds its own virtual instruments, making it possible for each individual performer in the Orchestra to trigger sounds independent from one another and to play together in real time. These instruments feature sound, visuals, and animations. A performance of a jumping, hovering, floating, dancing, and twirling Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a truly spectacular event.

Avatar Orchestra performs regularly in Second Life and in mixed reality events at new media, music and visual arts centres in North America, Europe and Asia.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PgUp performances on 28th and 30th june!

Two performances coming up on 28th june and at 30th june. This will happen at the PgUp days that are organized by Annie Spinster (spinster Voom in SL). These are fundraising events for the coming exhibitions of Pages in fall. Except AOM there will be performances by Fau Ferdinand, Wirxli Flimflam & Fwwixli Swindlehurst and an installation by Douglas Story. All this will be happening at Notice Gallery in London at at Virtual Haidplatz (the pomodori build of J0RI Tokyo) on Odyssey island. Some new music and also we do some old classics, among these the FADHEIT by Maximillian Nakamura on thursday and also the premiere of two new pieces on saturday. SLippery SLope by Wirxli Flimflam (with really slippery slopes built by DeThomas Dibou) and a new short piece Fragula by Miulew Takahe (and no, the title are not referring to the mysterious Count Fragula even though it might appear so).